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Who We Are and ‘WHAT WE DO’

Digitech Solutions is a System Integration company providing solutions in IT, Networking, Security and Computer Solutions. We have expertise in wide range of IT products. Our main focus is on Hardware, Software, Network security, Endpoint security and Backup Solution for all small medium and Enterprise segment customers.



Analog Camera

As with any imaging device, the analog CCTV camera has a sensor which captures the video image. The resolution of the sensor varies but for reasons which will be described later, it is limited to 720×575. This is 720 pixels across the screen (horizontal resolution) and 575 up and down (vertical resolution). The video is captured at 60 intervals called “fields” and transmitted to the receiver. Two fields together are called a “frame.” This is called interlaced transmission.

IP Camera

An IP camera has an image sensor much like the analog camera. However, once it has captured its image, it transmits it as “data” over a network connection. That data is in the form of compressed video frames sent over standardized networking protocol used for computer applications which is where it gets its name. “IP” stands for Internet Protocol which is the low-level language used to transmit data between computers in your home and the Internet. What this implies then is that the IP camera is like a little computer that you connect to, to access your video. Indeed, IP cameras are computers and run operating systems not all that different from your PC. Where they differ is that they are fixed function and their programming cannot be extended by the user.



We are able to source your entire hardware and software needs. Managed Networks saves you time in the procurement process. You tell us your requirements and we will spend the time identifying exactly the right supplier and hardware for you, leaving you to continue with your business.

New installations
Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Workstation Installation & support (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
Server Installation & Support (Windows, SQL, Exchange, Linux,)

Virus & Spyware Solutions
Network Design & Installation
Internet / E-mail Set-up
Firewall / Remote Access (VPN)
Site to Site Networks
Wireless Networks
Building to Building Wireless

Network designs, implementation, expansions and upgrades are a critical factor in the proper operation of every company. In many cases, organizations just add various network hardware devices, of varying quality, from different manufacturers and different network connection technologies, to connect new users. This often causes degradation in the quality of the network. Thus proper survey, planning and design are required, from both a logical and a physical point of view.